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Hatchback gives organizations the ability to understand and utilize the ambient data their app audiences generate.




Everyone talks about the power of mobile engagement, but the reality is that the majority of apps don’t have significant active user bases. This doesn’t make engaging app users any less important, but it does mean that the value derived from your app user base must be approached from a new perspective.

This is why Hatchback exists. We collect and analyze first party persistent data from your actual users. Our API allows you to expose the intelligent findings from that data to better inform engagement activities you already employ within and beyond your app itself.



Ambient data is the passive information that users and their devices generate 24/7. Information such as location, time in venue, genre of stops: This data is powerful because it forms a rich contextual view of user behavior and patterns.


Most powerfully, you’ll be able to see how groups of users with similar patterns relate to one another. Since this data is truly first party, you’ll have the confidence that it represents a real picture of your users’ lifestyles.


The power of Hatchback is using these findings to direct outreach beyond the app. In other words, we use your app as a research platform, then apply the learnings to better optimize systems you already have such as e-mail marketing, content distribution, ad serving, etc.
We created Hatchback because we believe that real life contextual intelligence gathered from your own audiences should inform your engagement tactics. 


Practically every app captures coordinate location data. We’ve developed an automated analysis process that applies point-of-interest information to those coordinates along with additional meta-data such as the type of venue and related venues, etc.



Hatchback collects contextual anonymous mobile location data. This combined with other usage statics allow us to model behavioral patterns specific to mobile users and relevant to audiences beyond mobile.



We capture a lot of location data, but so does everyone else. We make the data usable by applying POI and metadata to coordinates, but our difference is that we can do this at scale. Location based information is important if you can actually harness it to understand user behaviors and dynamics. Our solution ingests tons of data and allows the insights from that data to inform communication, marketing and retail activities beyond mobile platforms.





David founded Andculture, an experience design consultancy that works primarily within healthcare, education and government engagements. Andculture employs 35 and works nationally with larger enterprises across a spectrum of engagements that include research and design, product prototyping and technology solutions development. Hatchback was born out of this experience, being first conceived and incubated within Andculture and eventually established as its own initiative. David is an integral part of fundraising, team building and strategic direction.


Before co-founding Hatchback, Joshua served alongside David as the President of Andculture for 4 years. With more than 17 years of marketing, interactive and tech experience, Joshua was an integral partner and member of Andculture since its inception focused on business development, operations and team curation.

Prior to agency life, Josh was a part of corporate America; he worked for several Fortune 500 companies in marketing and technology. These formative years before consulting lended a practical perspective related to product and channel management, as well as the dynamics that accompany enterprise business development.  


Prior to starting at Hatchback, Matt founded Apperson Labs, a mobile development agency, in early 2013. After nearly a decade in the software and app development industry, Matt has developed a passion for building truly innovative, high quality software and maintains deep ties within the emerging development community.

Formerly a Software Engineer for Appcelerator, Matt is intimately familiar with a variety of mobile technologies and platforms and is directly responsible for the engineering team at Hatchback.


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